About Us

SAFESEA started as a Dry Cargo and Container Shipping services provider. Later diversifying into Break Bulk, Gas, Oil, Agency, Offshore Services coupled with Brokering, Shipping Consultancy and Coal. Over the last few years it has been a part of various strategic global acquisition and partnerships.

Today, SAFESEA continues to expand its global footprints, focusing on markets in the Indian Sub-Continent, S. E. Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. SAFESEA is dedicated to driving forward with developments in technology and leveraging synergies between businesses. SAFESEA is widely regarded as a responsible and conscientious global employer. We have experience in managing businesses in different geographies.

With a culturally diverse workforce we are sensitive to cross-cultural nuances. SAFESEA’s strategy is focused on promoting a culture that continually enhances the professional skills of its employees.